iNTELECT™ Switchboard System

iNTELECT™ is a steel-clad multi-cubicle type switchgear and controlgear assembly for indoor installation. It is designed for use on switchboards and motor control centres operating on systems up to 1000 volts AC and 80kA fault levels. (Switchgear components should be selected according to the system voltage and fault levels).


  • Proven Track Record: iNTELECT™ Switchboards have been around since 1992. Our designs are constantly being updated to go along with advances in the industry.
  • Economic: Our modular design allows us to have large-scale parts production. That means our clients can have better parts for a lower price!
  • Low Maintenance: iNTELECT™ Switchboards are built to last. We pick the highest quality of materials for our iNTELECT™ boards.
  • Highly Configurable: iNTELECT™'s modular design allows us to make changes to suit our clients' needs.
  • Easy Access: iNTELECT™ was designed to allow easy access to the cubicles and cable zones.
  • It's Safe: Safety is our main concern. That's why all iNTELECT™ parts were extensively tested by authorised agencies.
  • Proudly Australian Made: iNTELECT™ is an Australian designed & manufactured product, which has been awarded with the coveted Australian Designmark.


The busbar system at the rear of the switchboard is fully shrouded and phase segregated to almost eliminate the chance of phase-to-phase or phase-to-earth faults occurring. Functional units have been tested for arc fault containment up to 80kA.


iNTELECT™ can be configured for fixed connection, demountable or withdrawable arrangements. This means that users can standardise on one switchboard system for all switchboard needs with one basic set of spares.

iNTELECT™ Modular Switchboard System