M-Cube Compact Power and Versatility

Compact, powerful and versatile M-Cube modular switchgear system is the latest result of our drive to constantly upgrade our product beyond the traditional modular switchgear.

Offered with the dedicated support and expertise of Fuji SMBE Harwal Pty Ltd, the M-Cube system combines the latest improvements in frame and structural design, coupled with the option for withdrawable modules.

M-Cube switchgear is not only space saving but also offers superior switchgear features compared to others in the industry. We are fully committed to product quality of the highest level and have comprehensively completed type-tests on all the M-Cube LV models. This means that the M-Cube range is compliant to the latest IEC 61439-1 requirements.

The M-Cube range, from 630amps to 6300amps has been fully ASTA type tested at Testing and Certification Australia (TCA), Lane Cove and complies with the IEC-61439 standards. This comprehensive testing includes multi-brand devices such as ABB, Mitsubishi Electric and Schneider Electric. The System offers a complete range of Construction types including fully withdrawable.

The M-Cube modular switchboard system will complement our highly successful iNTELECT™ and iNTEGRITY™ modular switchboard systems that are already well accepted in the local market and currently being manufactured by Fuji SMBE Harwal Pty Ltd at our plant in Lane Cove, Sydney.

M-Cube modular switchgear system