The iNTELECT™ busbar system is a patented matrix (or grid) pattern in which the main busbars can occupy a number of predetermined vertical and horizontal positions. The horizontal busbars are arranged for maximum mechanical strength and cooling, with each phase fully insulated and segregated. The vertical (dropper) busbars are fully insulated and segregated from each other and are supported over the entire length.

The busbar system takes up almost no depth within the switchboard, yet offers maximum flexibility in switchboard design without departing from type test certification. Busbar connections can be readily accessible for maintenance and presents no obstacles to cables entering or exiting the switchboard from above or below. The current rating of the switchboard can be increased on site by simply adding busbars to the existing system. There is no need for dismantling busbars, modifying busbar supports, or re-routing of cables.

Consistent with the safety goals set for iNTELECT™, all mouldings are made from the highest grades of polycarbonate, and all plastics parts used in iNTELECT™ have been tested to prove fire retardance.

iNTEGRITY™ Distribution Board System